Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic

Turning Traditional into Exceptional

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic
, a 262-bed community hospital and nursing home located in the Village of Clifton Springs, NY, has been the heart of the community it calls home since its inception in 1850. And in many ways, they have grown in tandem.

With a commitment to providing unsurpassed quality and personalized care to patients and families in Ontario County, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic offers a range of specialty and subspecialty services, attractive and comfortable grounds, and a staff that provides an unparalleled customer experience.

While staying true to its roots, the hospital has grown to offer a wealth of services and now stands at the edge of a new era.

To keep our promise to deliver the best possible care to Ontario County and surrounding communities, Clifton Springs has set a goal of $12 million to create a new outpatient Medical Village and initiate additional projects that will modernize the hospital’s services and physical spaces.

But none of this is possible without your support.

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Our hospital has stewarded a culture of health and healing for more than 165 years. And in our modern era, delivering outstanding care has become the backbone of a proud tradition. But it’s time for us to challenge long-established norms in the interest of progress toward better care, better experiences, and better outcomes.

Dustin Riccio, MD, President, Eastern Region Hospitals

Giving to the new Emergency Department and Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program at Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic means giving even better care for those who need it quickly

The new emergency department and Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program at Clifton Spring Hospital & Clinic will directly address Ontario County’s need for greater access to emergency and behavioral health services. It also sets into motion critical modernization that will give our outstanding hospital staff members more of what they need to deliver outstanding care.

When you give to Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic, you’re giving our physical spaces enhancements that better reflect who we are and the level of care we provide. You’re giving a chance to provide the best possible care to those who rely on us most.

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic - Emergency Department

Clifton Springs emergency department and Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

  • new 9,100-square-foot emergency department and Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program space
  • centrally located entry and expanded waiting area
  • increased medical bed capacity
  • increased CPEP bed capacity
  • trauma/resuscitation room with increased space and capabilities
  • two dedicated triage rooms
  • bariatric patient treatment room
  • larger emergency department patient rooms
  • dedicated treatment space within the emergency department for CPEP patients, including psychiatric extended-stay observation rooms and additional psychiatric rooms
  • decontamination room with dedicated exterior entrance
  • significant increase in number of staff work stations

Our Impact, Together

Help us make history by doing something that will be remembered for generations to come.

With your gift, you are contributing to the creation of a healthcare system that makes it possible for you to always receive exceptional care, regardless of the illness or injury, regardless of where you live. Together, we are working to help our communities lead a better, healthier life.

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Bob Woodhouse

“Most people have to travel at least 20 or 30 minutes to receive the kind of care we have in our backyard. And as part of the Rochester Regional Health family, we further benefit from the system’s high quality standards. We can’t take this for granted.

We have to care for our hospital in the same way we care for any other critical public service. Our support—as advocates or donors—preserves and elevates an iconic community resource, helping to make it one of the area’s most trusted healthcare destinations. That’s something to be truly proud of. The only way to be successful in this endeavor is to work together.”


Bob Woodhouse 

Vice-Chair, Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic
Because Care Matters Campaign 

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 Chelsea DeBoover

Chelsea DeBoover
Development Associate

Clifton Springs campus buildings

Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic

Clifton Springs Hospital & Clinic is a 262-bed DNV-accredited community hospital and nursing home located in the Village of Clifton Springs, New York in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Ontario County. It is approximately 35 miles southeast of Rochester and is conveniently located right off of Route 96.

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