Leadership Giving: A Foundation for a Brighter Future

Cornerstone Society

Cor.ner.stone/n – the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed; something that is essential, indispensable or necessary.

Our most loyal donors – the ones who stand with us year after year – are the cornerstone of our fundraising efforts. We know we can count on their support, which provides not only the modern technology and facilities we need today, but also the flexibility to plan for the future care of our friends and loved ones. Because of their gifts, we have a solid financial foundation. That’s why we recognize their leadership in giving through membership in our Cornerstone Society.

Cornerstone members commit to donating to Rochester Regional Health for three consecutive years. Their collective impact on the health and well-being of everyone in our region is substantial.

Membership Levels

The Cornerstone Society offers five levels of membership, each with a three-year pledge, and each with the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. Our donors have helped us purchase life-saving equipment like automated external defibrillators (AEDs), ICU sleep chairs to ensure the comfort of family members who wish to remain at their loved one’s bedside, and new laptops to assist our home health specialists in the care of homebound patients. Cornerstone members have provided all of this and so much more.

That’s why your gift matters, Because Care Matters.

Join today as a:

  • Young Pioneer ($500-$999 per year) Age 34 & under - help purchase life-saving equipment, such as intubation sets and resuscitation bags
  • Founder ($1,000-$4,999 per year) - replace old furniture in a family waiting area or provide a fleet of new wheelchairs for one hospital
  • Mentor ($5,000-$9,999 per year) - purchase 5 blanket warmers or provide new monitoring equipment for several inpatient rooms
  • Innovator ($10,000-$24,999 per year) - outfit an operating suite with new surgical instruments or replace 6 hospital beds
  • Visionary ($25,000 or more per year) - renovate an entire patient unit or purchase a ventilator

As a member of the Cornerstone Society, you will receive communications about the impact of your support, important health system news and exciting project updates. You will also receive invitations to exclusive events.

For more information about joining the Cornerstone Society, please contact:

Nicole Dumbleton

Nicole Dumbleton
Director, Annual Giving


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